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Bamdev Gautam joins Nepal-led CPN Socialist (UML)

CPN UML Vice President Bamdev Gautam has announced that he will join the CPN UML (Socialist) led by Madhav Kumar Nepal.

According to Secretariat member Shailendra Raut, in a virtual rally as part of a “national campaign for party unity” led by Gautam, the Vice-President of CPN UML decided to join CPN UML (Socialist).

Gautam said he would lead the left-wing coalition of the new party. He argued that everyone on the left could join the party except for the UML.

Gautam argued that the CPN UML faction led by CP chairman Sharma Oli did not impose any obligations on him. “At the session, I will first instruct him to unite the party led by Madab Kumar Nepal,” he said. Although Ollie did not, the leader of Nepal said he would take responsibility for the party’s unity.”