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Nepal Madab Party, renamed NCP United Socialist Party

The split CPN OML group led by Madhav Kumar Nepal changed the name of the party recently registered with the Electoral Commission on Friday.

According to a leader close to a senior Nepalese leader, at today’s session, the election commission decided to change the party name in response to a proposal to change the party name to something other than CPN UML.

The faction previously applied for registration of a political party called CPN UML (Socialist), similar to CPN UML.

Meanwhile, the leaders decided to register the party as NCP Ekikrit Samajwadi (NCP United Socialist Party).

A group of leaders, including Rajendra Pandey, arrived at the Election Commission office to change the party name. Similarly, the proposed 15-person CC has been expanded to include a total of 115 members.

Likewise, the leaders of the party have not yet decided on the symbol of the election. Earlier, party members agreed to use the ‘open book’ as a symbol of the party’s campaign. However, it could not be recognized as a symbol used by other political parties.