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The group led by Thakur again applies for party registration

A group led by Mahantha Thakur applied again to register a new party, the Loktantrik Samajbadi Party, with the Electoral Commission.

The EC rejected a proposal to designate a new political party after the party Janat Samajbadi (Loktantrik) after a name match with a previously registered party. The group was not bipartisan even after the party split and the group led by Upendra Yadav was given the identity of its parent Janat Samajbadi Party (JSP).

According to a statement signed by Thakur, from now on, it has been decided to name the party “Loktantrik Samajwadi Party” and this name will be referenced in the party’s charter, manifesto and rules.

Thakur is the chair of the proposed party and Rajendra Mahato and Sharat Singh Bhandari are senior leaders. It was proposed to form a working committee of 31 members, including Chairman Thakur and senior party leaders. The group includes 15 delegates, including Resham Chaudhary.

The group led by Thakur applied for new party registration shortly after the government passed party regulations.